This is the section where YOU, the fan, have the chance to be heard, seen, or read! Send me your writings, your contributions, your fanart and observations, and watch them magically appear here, in The Vault!

At the moment this page is simply a rehashing of the material found at the old site's 'Musings' section...but it's still fresh and in top condition, so if you haven't read these gems, now's your chance! Enjoy!


Before you go further, read about
The Computer Crash Disaster of 1999!!

Adam Storke/Prey Original Humor
Top Ten Lists
A song parodying Fastball's 'The Way' called 'The Prey'
Alternate Ideas For the Last Episode of Prey

The DIABOLIK Comparison
Priestess Ashkta and I are convinced that the 1968 film 'Diabolik' has intense parallels with the show 'Prey', all stemming from the fact that the lead actor bears a striking resemblence to Adam Storke. Check out our rationalization of this claim.

More Prey Humor--in Essay Form!
An Essay Explaining the Ins and Outs of 'Prey' in my Eyes

Taking it Back...but not much of it
A response to the accusation that I'm being a little to opinionated and harsh in this section. I give in easily.

The Great Doppelganger Hunt
We have a theory that Adam Storke clones are popping up all over the USA.


Lovely Adam Collage by Priestess Karen.

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