He's been in more than you'd expect...good luck finding it all! I've included short reviews of those projects which I have seen...
I took most of this info from MythicGirl's Adam Storke Page. I urge you all to go there ASAP. The reviews (however short and sweet they may be) are mine.

"Prey" (1998) TV Series...Tom Daniels
Thanks to Priestess Ashkta, I was dragged in (not exactly kicking and screaming) as an Adam fan whilst watching the show 'Prey'. His turn as Tom Daniels is Adam at his best. See also the Musings to view my comments on the show and Adam's performace.

"Rough Riders" (1997) TV Movie...Stephen Crane
As a Babylon 5 fan, I remember when TNT was bombarding every commercial break with ads for this movie. Unfortunately, that was before I was an Adam fan, so a year later I had to go rent this movie. Watching it with Ashkta, we mostly just fast-forwarded through to Adam's scenes and left the rest to our imagination. I mean, we imagine it was a good movie all-in-all, but Adam was very, very stylish as Stephen Crane.

"A Mother's Gift" (1995) TV Movie...Ed Matthews
Blasphem! He played a character named 'Ed'!!!
"Escape from Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story" (1994) TV Movie...Paul Stamper

"The Stand" (1994) TV miniseries...Larry Underwood
Of course we all saw The Stand, and of course we all loved it. But, for anyone who HASN'T seen this amazing adaptation of Stephen King's unquestionable masterpiece, you MUST flock to your video stores and rent it, or go as far as I did and BUY it. It's a very stirring film, the only distraction being Molly Ringwald every once in a while (do her eyes look crossed to anyone else??? Well???) And, if you need further reason to rent it, just imagine...Adam singing.

"Attack of the 5'2" Women" (1994)...Juan Wayne Bobbit
Oh, the humanity! I actually went and rented this one because our video store happened to have it and I knew Adam was in it. *cringe* A simple facial expression is all I have to say about this film, even though I usually like Julie Brown. Seeing Adam Storke in a dress at the end was just plain painful.

"Lifepod" (1993) TV Movie...Kane

"Perry Mason: The Case of the Heartbroken Bride" (1992) TV Movie...Gary Hawkes

"Death Becomes Her" (1992)...Dakota
This is an extremely good movie on its own, and I loved it long before the 'Prey' days, but now I simply can't imagine it without Adam's lovely shirtless intervals as Dakota...
"In My Daughter's Name" (1992) TV Movie...Peter Lipton

"Highway to Hell" (1992)...Royce
There's an interesting little bit of irony behind this, something to do with a former flame of mine, a character he played named Royce, and the song 'Highway to Hell', but that's not the subject here. The movie, 'Highway to Hell', is supposedly about the eponymous gateway to the underworld (which looks an awful lot like Oklahoma). Adam plays (very well, for this movie) a jilted Satan's son who wears midriff-flashing t-shirts (a la Ricky Martin), carries a sword, and makes most of the cast look even sillier just by giving some depth to his role. Did I mention he also has great hair in this movie? He does.

"Miami Vice" (Leap of Faith - episode #109, also guest-starring Laura San Giacomo - June 28, 1989)
Isn't that FREAKY!?! I mean, the whole Laura San Giacomo thing...
"L.A. Law" (New Kidney on the Block - episode #93 - December 6, 1990)

"Tales From the Crypt" (Surprise Party - episode #78) "Phantom of the Opera" (1990) TV...Count Philippe de Chagny

"Mystic Pizza" (1988)...Charlie

"A Gathering of Old Men" (1987) TV Movie...Gil
Apparently he was the 'young man'...

"A Special Friendship" (1987) TV Movie...Tom Gadsden

"I'll Take Manhattan"(1987)TV miniseries...Justin Amberville

"Too Far to Go" (1979) TV Movie...John Maple - age 15

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