What is life without a little bit of fun, after all? I've come to you to offer what meager offerings of Adam-centric fun I could muster. Enjoy! Or, should I say, have fun!


Did you ever wonder what they did with all those Tom Daniels clones after Prey got cancelled? I did too, until they all showed up at MY website, begging for homes! Oh, sure, they all tried to kill me for a while, but for the most part they're pretty tame! I'd like to pass my happiness on to you, my beautiful site patrons and fellow Storkies. Just follow the instructions below and you'll be the proud owner of your own Tom Daniels Clone!

First of all, fill out the simple Adoption Form and it will be sent to me. Indicate whether or not you have a website and want a nifty placard to place on your page! Next, I'll make your placard (the first twenty adoptees get handmade placards which include the name of the clone and the number. After that, it gets less personal and my mouse starts to get tired), add your info to the page, and send the HTML fragment back to you. I don't require that you link back to me or anything, I just want to get rid of all these damned clones! But *everyone* who adopts gets their name and the name of their clone posted on the Adoptions Society Page!

Here are the three placard options to choose from:

Number One

Number Two

Number 3

Now do the world, and yourself, a favor, and give these adorable clones a home!!

Ah, the work I've put into creating a beautiful Adam Storke Desktop theme to satisfy your craving! Includes color scheme, icons, and wallpaper...unfortunately, there aren't many Adam Storke sounds out there in cyberspace, and I really didn't think everyone in the world would be jazzed to hear MY sound schema (which includes Kevin Spacey from 'Se7en' shouting 'DETECTIIIIVE!!!' everytime there's the slightest error), so I didn't include sounds. But you have the option of downloading the following:

NOTE--To download, right-click on the link and select 'Save Link As'. Both require WinZip to unZip them, but take faith, because if you have Windows 98 you already have it. If you don't, go here.

Desktop Theme for Windows 98

Adam Storke Icons (over 10 icons to swap throughout your desktop!)

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