Just click on the picture description and prepare to worship!


Tom Daniels in repose

Tough love???

I would bet money that he's saying "You GOTTA believe me, Sloan!"

Tom brooding in his inimitable way

They were right in the middle of a conversation when papparazzi burst in...

Beautiful, young-looking close-up of Tom

A lovely collage (suitable for wallpaper??)

He seems to be distracted by something off-camera...

Another gorgeous close-up of our favorite homo dominant

**personal fave** Breathtaking close-up!!

Tom smirking....imagine that. Probably at Ed.

A nice, if kinda fuzzy, profile.

Moments after the infamous rack scene...

He's wearing a white dress shirt!!!

Sloan: "Tom....I can feel Ed's eyes on me...do something..."


Larry Underwood emerges from the desert!

Kinda fuzzy, but we all know what was going on here.

Larry looking thirsty and hot...yeah, you heard that double entendre.

Larry, intense and shirtless.

How does he keep winding up in that predicament?

He has the same expression that my Labrador gets sometimes...

Play that funky music, white boy...

You see a dead Kareem Abdul-Jabber in the background of this one...


Larry spies a crowd-surfer getting too rowdy off the south end of the stage and fears for his own safety.

"Gee, I wonder if Stu's gonna grab my arm again today? I really think he's planning on it."

"Thank you Cleveland! No one rocks like you guys!"

"Hey, listen, Stu, we've really gotta set some limits to this arm-grabbing business, seriously..."

The picture everyone has seen...


From 'Lifepod'...with a blonde.**kicking myself liberally** Yup, he looks like my ex.

Lifepod collage...he REALLY looks like my ex!!!

"Wild eyed" in Highway to Hell

From 'HTH', with...another blonde.

Brandishing a sword in a most peculiar way...

Working a little 'Sherrif of Nottingham' beard, another image from 'HTH'

The scary young-Adam picture from 'Mystic Pizza'

One more from Lifepod!

"Shhh! I look suspiciously like Vince Vaughn in 'Clay Pigeons'...!"

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