You know, it's funny how you can just sit around reading novels and articles and fan fiction stories on the internet, assuming 'wow, this author must really enjoy his or her work! I wish I had the drive and dedication to do something like that!' Then you become an author and you figure out that life sucks without feedback. So this is the forum wherein YOU have the chance to say what you want to say (well, you can say it, but that doesn't necesarilly mean I'll register it. I have all authority over what stays in my cgi-bin, after all. Suckers.)

Actually, you don't have the chance to offer feedback. You MUST offer feedback. Without it I will starve. I include a letter from my grandmother, Marta.

"Dear Veronica,
I really hope you are doing well. It snowed this week and your grandfather is complaining about the ice again. I enjoyed the card you sent with the apple pie this Christmas. Did you receive the sweater I sent you?

I regret to inform you that if your new web-published novel 'a thousand ships' does not receive any feedback, I will die.

All my love,

So you see, ladies and gentlemen, you really should let me know you were here. Even if all you want to say is 'one of my shoes got ruined in the rain, too.' That would feel good to read. Did I mention my grandmother is really nice, her house smells like cinammon, and she looks just like Julie Andrews? Gimme feedback.



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